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10 Reasons why you SHOULD HIDE your IP ADDDRESS...



1.To hide your activities from your ISP=your Internet Service Provider/your Cable/Satellite Company

Through your IP address, your ISP can track your online activities. As such, your ISP can easily sell your data traffic to marketing firms or advertisers.Ever wonder why you are getting ads for a recently searched terms? Your ISP can see everything you do online and it can monetize more for selling out personal data to third parties – and that’s without asking for your permission.Any time that your computer or mobile device establishes a connection to the internet, you are basically giving your ISP the opportunity to log your internet habits. In order to keep your internet activities to yourself, you will need to hide your IP address from your ISP altogether.

2. To bypass internet censorships

Certain countries have this digital borders that limit their citizens from accessing a free web. China, for example, has openly blocked the web to its people.Since governments can determine which users belong to a geographic location simply by looking at their IP address, they can basically control anything that can only be available to the mass public. Gladly, hiding your IP address to the entire web can fix the censorship problem.You can choose to hide or mask your IP address in order to access website contents that are censored by your government. Mostly, such censored contents are adult websites, news platforms, social media sites, and online gambling websites.

3. For security when connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots

Most of us usually take advantage of free Wi-Fi in cafes, restaurants, and hotels. But what we do not realize is that there are several security concerns that come with connecting to free Wi-Fi hotspots.Public Wi-Fi hotspots are usually hackers’ favorite place to find unsuspecting victims. They use free Wi-Fi connections to lure in people to use them. Unfortunately, this free internet connection is vulnerable to spying and hacking attacks.Public Wifis are nearly available everywhere. And when you connect to such network, you are also sharing your IP address with the host. If hackers happen to be snooping in this WiFi network, then they would be able to see your IP too. And if they see your IP address, you can only hope not to get any valuable information stolen from you.

4. To access blocked websites

There are many websites that are specifically geo-restricted to a certain location. Such websites are either blocked by the ISPs, government, or the web hosts.Users outside of where the website host is located are blocked by their IP address. In fact, IP addresses represent the exact geographic location a user is located in. If the website host only permits US IP addresses, for example, then it will automatically restrict connection requests from other IP addresses.Gladly, there is an easy workaround for this access restriction. You only need to change your IP address to the appropriate IP that is recognized by the website host.

5. To completely become anonymous

Like what was stated earlier, your IP address is your identification card when you connect to the internet. Therefore if your IP is exposed to the entire web, chances are you would be at higher risks to cyber threats.But as long as your actual IP address is kept hidden from the internet, then you should ultimately experience online anonymity.

6. To protect your personal data

Every time you connect to the internet, you are basically transmitting data to the ‘pipes of the internet’. And just like sending emails, your personal data could also get lost or fall into the wrong hands.Such data you transmit on the internet may contain your passwords, financial details, and private conversations. Everything you share online will be visible to hackers and they can use your IP address to infiltrate into your system.Masking your real IP address with a fake one will help keep your personal data secure. Once you are hiding behind a fake IP address, it would already be impossible for hackers, spies, and data sniffers to see what you are sharing online.

7. To access the internet at school or work

One of the most frustrating thing about FREE internet accesses is that they are mostly blocked. Say for example the internet access at your workplace or school. Although you can still browse the internet at work, most websites are blocked.You can do simple Google searches, but when it comes to media platforms such as YouTube, streaming websites, social media, and gaming websites, all of the ‘fun’ stuff are blocked.To bypass any network restrictions in the office or at school, you can change your IP address. Doing so would bypass all firewall restrictions responsible for the limitation of web accesses.

8. To keep your private searches really private

To hide your internet activity, particularly your Google searches, you need to hide your IP address. You may not be aware of it, but search engines often store data and they are selling them to advertisers.If you don’t want anyone looking through your search history, then better hide your IP address today.

9. To download files securely

When you hide your IP address, you are also disguising your downloading and uploading activities. If you are an avid torrent downloader, hiding your IP will give you an added layer of security from anyone sniffing on your internet activities.

10. To get internet freedom

The ultimate objective of hiding your IP address is that you can experience internet freedom. Once your IP address is hidden from the entire internet, only then can you experience complete privacy, online anonymity, and data protection.By hiding your IP address you can safeguard confidential data and your identity online. Don’t wait for your data to fall into the wrong hands – hide your IP address today. Use a VPN!


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