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My computer was HACKED.Real Story and How 2 protect YOURSELF

BELOW on this page I also posted Suggestions on ways to PROTECT your Online PRIVACY 4 FREE & EASY...

     This is a serious topic...  Losing our online Privacy is a combination of different factors: Congress new privacy rules passed, unprotected computers, Hackers nonstop evil minds, the unknown, etc.  My Computer Hacked by a guy from across the world and my always desire to look beyond and learn MORE has taken me to add this page to my Website, which I'm still working on it and still TESTING Privacy/Protection options as we speak.  I hope you take your time and come back to finish reading and navigating through the links about my ongoing research.  THIS TOPIC  is too important for me to just post a short lazy lame page.  This affected me  even that I'm a computer person with decent computer experience.  Governments, Banks, hospitals getting hacked.  So, imagine the thousands of regular people out there having online fun or going about their business at home and getting their computer hacked.  Hackers' all day job is Hacking for RANSOM.  So, FROM ALL OVER THE INTERNET I'm gathering as much info and facts as reference to share and choose whats best for me.  Well, Since I use the computer for different things: Banking, email, social network, searching, movies, videos, etc., what I choose 4 ME might be a different combination of options than what U choose 4 U.  and In my case I need to use several options and sometimes EVEN turn OFF MY VPN because of conflict with cash earning APP I use.  That's another story!  ...

     Several people asked... What do you mean YOU  WERE HACKED-your computer?  When I was hacked I was watching the TV and working on the classes I was about to teach during the week: Basic English, Spanish and Basic Computers stuff.  But because was the weekend I was taking it easy and also browsing the net. 

   A Hacker totally taking CONTROL OF MY COMPUTER through a LINK..... was 100% real.  I  even recorded the call.  YES, THE HACKER also called me to my home phone.  I saved The Audio clip in one of the 2 OLD hard drives.  Also, on a separate situation my identity was stolen from Miami and several fraudulent charges showed up on my credit card.  I gathered info about $16,000 the thief earned with my identity and sent it to Miami police. Guy was arrested at a restaurant  

      BACK 2 MY STORY...  A warning POPPED up on my computer screen.  I’m used to warnings from my antivirus and antispyware.  I realized after clicking that it wasn’t my antivirus, but didn’t know yet that my computer was hacked UNTIL soon after the phone rang.  The guy said he’s a microsoft technician and will help me fix the problem.  I realized is a JERKOFF ASSH..E posing as a tech.    He now has a tight grip on my NUTS.   I can’t yell at him or SMACK HIM like back in high school/Army days BECAUSE I NEED TO USE MY BRAIN and he's not in front of me. LOL.   I’m at the mercy of his dirty hacking tactics. So, I better relax and fight back with my head!!!  

      THe Jerkoff hacker has full control of my mouse!   I see it moving without me touching it.  He got me!!!  HE INFECTED my computer!!!   I'm TRAPPED.   He said it'll cost me $180.   In order to keep him at ease I decided to go along with his BULL $hiT while I WAS THINKING on my first move.   HEY, I HAD NO CHOICE!  I have to let him think I'm computer ILLITERATE.    So, I first Lied saying I don't have $180.  Hacker, "give me $80."   THESE GUYS HACK ALL DAY.   They don't need to demand too much money from each person AND $80 to save your computer doesn't sound BAD.   If U have hundreds or thousands of files you accumulated throughout the years IT'S WORTH PAYING less than $100, PLUS save your computer.  BUT IF U CAN'T SAVE your own computer U SHOULD negotiate and PAY because they want whatever money you can give and they won't unlock it unless U pay.   TO A HACKER is better to get some of your cash than NOTHING.   

      I lied again to him saying, "I need time."   THE HackeR yelling/rushing me, "Time for what?   ...   WHAT U DOING?    Hurry up."   I replied, "I need to delete a bunch of videos and photos that aren't mine."   PLAN A...   I restarted the computer to REGAIN CONTROL OF MY Computer's MOUSE, BUT it didn't work.   He was still moving my MOUSE remotely.  His rushing tone was about expecting  a DEBIT/CREDIT CARD PAYMENT after I finish deleting the FAKE FILES I SAID I needed to delete. LOL.   In his mind I was gonna lay down like his dog bitch. LOL.  I'm still thinking my next move.   I won't give up, but I have to think fast.   HACKERS won't unlock your computer unless your PAY.    Still, many people pay and the HACKER MIGHT NOT UNLOCK YOUR computer.   Remember they hacked Hospitals, banks, etc all day!!!    

       I still CHOSE 2 STAY CALM.   Remember ???  He had a tight grip on my nuts.  LOL .  EVEN THAT I  STILL didn't know if MY NEXT MOVE WAS GONNA work I had to Let him continue thinking I'm his SURE VICTIM.   My plan B is my last option. 

      So, I TRIED a SYSTEM RESTORE, which is a process of a few clicks that TAKES YOUR COMPUTER SYSTEM BACK IN TIME like a TIME MACHINE and it could take about 10-30 minutes more or less <<<CLICK to read how you can set it up and BE ready or maybe U just wanna RESTORE your system for X Y reason >>>   With the way I played the role of naive victim he had no choice but to believe my BS.  SYSTEM RESTORE took place in front of my eyes and I FELT HIS HAND letting my NUTS GO!!!    LOL.    I grabbed my MOUSE and I MOVED IT.   My serious face turned into a BIG SMILE.   He thought he had me. LOL.  Once the JERKOFF saw he no longer could control my computer he hung up!!!    

      So, very IMPORTANT to setup your computer's SYSTEM RESTORE, RUN YOUR ANTIVIRUS and antispyware once a week,. BUT DON'T 4GET THAT HERE I post on my website a list of PLENTY of TOOLS  FOR ONLINE PRIVACY/protection ON TOP OF your Antivirus, AntySpyware. n


        I use this FREE AND I USE THE FULL Antivirus FROM my CABLE/Internet provider INCLUDED with SERVICES FREE, McFEE.  CALL your Internet/cable service PROVIDER and ask!!!!   I got this NEW laptop early 2018 after my old one broke down beyond repair.  The 2 hard drives I saved from old computer is where the RECORDED the call of the actual conversation with HACKER.  I'll eventually restore those drives, get audio file and post THE CALL.    FURTHER DOWN I posted different options for PRIVACY protection.

    HERE>>>CLICK to read Los Angeles HOSPITAL paid $17,000 RANSOM to HACKERS<<< 

     >>>CLICK for 5 UNUSUAL Stories of RANSOMWARE attacks to people's computers<<<

>>>CLICK to see video about NEW YORK HOSPITAL  had to do everything on paper for 6 weeks BECAUSE OR RANSOMWARE Attack<<<

 SEVEN sneak attacks used by today's most devious hackers to TRICK YOU  <<< U can CLICK and comeback>>>  

     >>>CLICK to read about HOSPITALS-PHONE Companies RANSOMWARE Attacked<<<

    .  United States NSA (National Security Agency) collects DATA from INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS  <CLICK to Read full explanation of PRISM  

      For all I know, THE HACKER could 've been at an Internet cafe or naked on a toilet at his home thousands of miles away.  I chose and had no choice but to remain calm or he might have further damage my computer.   Old and recent News stories about hackers came to mind.  Some of these guys, maybe from a third world countries hack from sunrise to sundown with some rest in between.  Over there on some 3rd world country low end job they earn $2 a day = about $60-80 a month.  REALLY.  Google it.    That’s a HACKER's life almost 24/7...  Trick people and get paid in minutes what his neighbors earn in a month.  


      >>>CLICK>>>  5 Ways Hackers Gain Access To Your Data  <<<CLICK<    


A "SYSTEM RESTORE" is easy and can save U like it SAVED ME..

My semi-tech computer TEACHING background helped me SURVVIVE this ATTACK by DOING a "System Restore"

   The fact that for years I've been involved in computer related things like:  GRAPHIC DESIGN, PHOTO RESTORATION and using computers to teach Spanish, Basic English/computer classes for INDIRECTLY prepared me for this HACKER.

     GOING BACK TO ONLINE PRIVACY, I'm ok with governments recording our activities to keep us safe, but because we never know when or how OUR BROWSING DATA will be sold/use I'm taking steps to keep my INTERNET private, which U can do 4 FREE and I DO EXPLAIN here.   I'm not doing anything illegal to want to keep my INTERNET USAGE private, but I'm for sure taking simple steps to protect myself.   

     I told U earlier, a MIAMI guy stole my identity.   One of many things i take seriously is paying bills early or sometimes pay a few months in advance and Cable allows that.  Example... paid 500 and my credit card gave me $10 cashback.   Credit card bills I always pay in ful.   So, when I filed taxes I got a notice about earning OVER $16000 more than what I said.  I  denied it.  I made calls and reported it to New York and Miami  authorities.  Sent copies of the findings to Miami Police and within days the guy was arrested at a Miami restaurant.  He was using my name and Social #, but problem solved.  

    I also got credit cards unauthorized charges on 2 cards:  One time $500 ATM, another card 3 charges over $1000.   It cost me $0 to fight Identity theft, Ransomware Hack attack and credit cards' fraudulent charges. 

       Is important you find out in your computer (all computers have this) a section IN YOUR SETTINGS, which will allow you to do a SYSTEM RESTORE like a TIME MACHINE.  This process will take your computer to a safe moment before any problems the computer had.  Let's say YOU GET HACKED or your computer got messed up in a different way  and U want to REVERT/RESTORE YOUR COMPUTER BACK to normal back to B4 whatever happened .  Go to your settings and type CONTROL PANEL.  In control Panel type RECOVERY and choose configure SYSTEM RESTORE.  Then click on CREATE.   This will create a  RESTORE POINT.   click finish.  This setup will have your computer ready if one day you need to go BACK IN TIME in your computer to a SAFE POINT.   U NEED TO SET A RESTORE/SAFE point now so is ready for A FUTURE USE IN NEED.   I have windows 10.   This process might be a  little different on each computer's system: Windows 7, 8, etc.         <<<CLICK to learn about how to do SYSTEM RESTORE/SYSTEM RECOVERY and come back here>>> 

.Before U READ below I wanna says some of my thoughts about some basic approach about online browsing...           Professionals advise to use one browser only for your personal stuff like email, banking, social network AND a different browser for general searches..


Different Options to choose from for Privacy protection...


Let's Start with the BEST Proven option for ONLINE PRIVACY-> A VPN. Then, other LESS SAFE Options...

     I'm not writing all these so you go nuts thinking you have to RUSH into a choice.  But is important you look into it and decide what might be your best option depending on your usage level/need. ONE FREE OPTION for BROWSING-> I recently received a message from the VPN company I joined last year recommending 2 SEARCH engines. Here's the message... The ultimate tools for your online safety.  We asked our developers and sys admins which search engines they would use personally and what they could recommend you:  DuckDuckGo is probably the best known alternative search engine. It doesn’t use cookies that can identify users and discards IP addresses from its server logs. DuckDuckGo also shows the same search results to everybody, which is refreshing when compared to Google’s aggressive profiling.  

StartPage is another privacy-focused tool our tech team recommends. It sources its search results from Google, which is a good thing if you simply want Google without the tracking. So, is very simple and easy.  B4 U do any search 1st open one those 2 search engines and then .  

     I tried free and THENjoined THE #2 VPN NORDVPN and is a proven trustworthy VPN.   Their membership is one of the most competitive in price when chosen for 3 years at $108.  100% no logs, headquarters outside the 14 eyes and is also a double VPN/Multi-Hop VPN. <<< U can CLICK to visit their website AND then COME BACK here<<<


     I tried THE #1 VPN EXPRESSVPN and is also great for the same FEATURES and FREE TRIAL of NORDVPN mentioned above, but more expensive at $99 one year instead of $108 for 3 years. <<<CLICK to visit their SITE <<<  and then Comeback here<<<

  Great VPNs GIVE U total privacy, anonymity and ALLOWS U to SWITCH to other USA states or countries to allow U to unblock restricted content.  Also, every-time U turn your VPN on it will automatically appear with a different IP address and location.  The ability to encrypt everything U do and hide your location and IP address.
Doing this research made me understand and learn more than what I knew before. 

     Well, a GREAT VPN has to have 3 main things: 

#1.   100% NO LOGS OF ANY KIND...


#3.  HAVING HEADQUARTERS OUTSIDE OF THE 14 EYES (unless is a VPN with no logs BECAUSE no logs even if  it has headquarters in the 14 eyes is still SAFE because IF ASKED TO GIVE UP your data, THERE's no data to reveal BECAUSE no DATA IS EVER SAVED!!!  

#4.  Of course SPEED is important, but all VPNs will suffer on speed because all browsing data gets encrypted FOR MORE SAFETY while traveling from our computer to a server and affected more for more security if the VPN is a double VPN(multi-hop VPN) like NORDVPN is.  

#5.  Features, number of servers and customer service also important, but  in my opinion not crucial. 

What is a VPN

With the growing interest in online privacy, security, and unblocking restricted content, many people are wondering: What is a VPN and why are so many people using one?

A VPN is short for virtual private network, which is a secure, encrypted tunnel between your device and a VPN server.

The growing popularity of VPN services has been fueled by many different trends, such as:

  • ISP spying – Internet service providers in the US, UK, Australia, and many other countries are recording user browsing history and handing this information over to third parties.
  • Content restrictions – The internet is becoming less free every day as websites, social media, and news/opinion sources are increasingly blocked and censored around the world. And no, we’re not just talking about China, but also many Western countries such as the UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, and even the United States (where free speech is supposedly guaranteed).
  • Surveillance – In the past 10 years we have seen a frightening expansion of both government surveillance and corporate surveillance (Facebook, Google, etc.). Your data is being harvested every second you are online by corporate and government entities – for various purposes.

Luckily, there is a simple solution to these problems. Enter the VPN. A VPN is a digital Swiss Army knife that allows you to encrypt and anonymize your online activity, hide your IP address and location, and easily get around content restrictions and blocks.

But before we discuss the solutions to these problems, let’s cover some basics.

But FIRST... 

>>> CLICK to Continue reading WHAT IS a VPN and understanding more about it, Then,come back here <<<

>>> CLICK... Which VPNs to AVOID... CLICK <<<

Another options. FREE and OK. This will hide your Location/iP address on the Internet Browsing...

FIRST, >>>Click here to understand what IP ADDRESS MEANS and come back<<<

When you go to WHATISMYIPADDRESS.COM you see your IP ADDRESS and your LOCATION, which are visible to the world by default UNLESS U take steps TO REGAIN YOUR PRIVACY and I'm sharing what I do FOR PRIVACY.  EASY!  THEN, laterI'll show you how to HIDE your location/ip address  <<<=CLICK

 10 Reasons Why You Need to Hide Your IP Online Right Now

Privacy was never going to be a major concern in the digital world not until more people started browsing the web more often than not. But it is now high time to face the facts about our digital activities – you need protection otherwise you will fall prey to cyber attacks.

The moment you connect to the internet, you immediately are exposing yourself to various types of cyber threats. Aside from getting your system hacked, you are also giving the government the power to see everything that you are engaged in online.

And the way snoopers are able to get access to your data is through your IP address. To make things a lot simpler, your IP address is your “ID” when you log into the internet. This will always be visible to your ISP, websites you visit, to hackers, and to spying bodies.

You need to hide your IP address to get complete online anonymity. We’ll get to how you can mask your IP later. Aside from hacking threats, here are many other ( to be exact, 10) reasons why you should hide your IP altogether.

Another Option. You can tweak Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge/IE for some partial privacy.

 But those mentioned above(CHROME, FIREFOX, SAFARI. IE) are not as safe as these 3 I'll mention here...   It does not log any user data or share any information with third parties. Startpage is officially based in the Netherlands, which is a favorable jurisdiction for privacy.  It promises to protect user privacy (no tracking) and keep people from getting stuck in the filter bubble  Stop search engines from tracking your searches

SMALLER SEARCH ENGINES:  All three of these options have solid policies in terms of user privacy and are definitely worth trying out.  Privacy safe web-search   

  • Use MetaGer against Snoopers:
  • Click results by "open anonymously"
  • and you are fully protected.

     CLICK HERE to read about setting up regular browser for partial private browsing.  I say partial because it's not total privacy. BUT CHECK IT OUT!

Something  I forgot to mention is that those browsers and websites that hide your IP Address and your location ARE CALLED "Proxy."   A proxy can only hide your ip address/location, BUT IT WON'T ENCRYPT YOUR DATA...    A VPN does both: encrypts all your browsing data and also hides your ip a.../location.   

PSIPHON is both VPN/PROXY (according to wikipedia) =  Originally and specifically designed to support users in countries considered to be "enemies of the Internet."  Countries with over the top CENSORSHIP <<<CLICK for VIDEO DEMO<<<  

THIS GUY TALKS through his review/DEMO of PSIPHON.  Video before this is also hands on visual demo, but no words.  Just written words video.   THIS PsIPHON needs to be installed and HAS a cool FEATURE->a PULL DOWN MENU which allows you to switch your location by selecting any country on the list.   WHY COOL FEATURE?  Lets say someone wants to watch the Olympics live in ENGLAND.  Well, with your regular browser you might get Geographical blocked, but with this VPN it'll seem as if you are geographycally in England, CHINA, Poland or whatever/whenever <<<CLICK>>>


So many things we can all do to protect ourselves...

      U should never be afraid of using credit cards anywhere, online shopping and of course, having fun in general... Example:  enjoying the city, parks, malls, casinos, shopping online/out anywhere or going to the beach (I went 9 times last year, LOL-beaches with live bands on the boardwalk every weekend), Atlantic City parties, etc.   WE CAN'T limit our regular daily life because of fear.  JUST NEED to be careful, protect you computer and even  shield your credit card/bank card with a simple plastic shield. IT PREVENTS  YOUR  CARD FROM GETTING ILLLEGALY SCANNED through your purse, wallet, pocket.   YES, thieves use a small device and  the device doesn't need to be scanned super close to read your cards.   With $2 free shipping on ebay you can buy one RFID sleve(radio frequency  ID shield).`

      Governments, hospitals, banks' computers get hacked FOR RANSOM just like It happened to me.  Even with their big budgets they still get hacked... I'm all in when it comes to Big  Brother watching us TO KEEP US SAVE, but even that 95% of us don't do anything illegal it puts us in a position of having to protect ourselves.   

      Another reality is that our Government has to look at the big picture.   We as individuals can't  cross our arms thinking that government has our back 24/7.  There aren't resources to protect everything/everybody.   THEY disrupt plots of terrorism, fight street crimes, etc.   Protecting our computers, credit cards and  our  own personal space is our own responsibility.   OF COURSE  THAT WE REPORT  after the fact AND POLICE ACTS, why wait? I'm not waiting 2 B   ATTACKED AGAIN,   The reversal of privacy rules was pretty BAD.     <---CLICK to read HOW thieves SCAN YOUR  CREDIT CARD in    your purse/pocket







  1. Your online activities are now being tracked and recorded by various government and corporate entities around the world. This information can be used against you at any time and there is no real way to “opt out”.
  2. In the past decade, we have seen the systematic advancement of the surveillance apparatus throughout the world. The United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada have all passed laws allowing, and in some cases forcing, telecom companies to bulk-collect your data:
  3. United States – In March 2017 the US Congress passed legislation that allows internet service providers to collect, store, and sell your private browsing history, app usage data, location information and more – without your consent. This essentially allows Comcast, Verizon, AT&T and other providers to monetize and sell their customers to the highest bidders (usually for targeted advertising).
  4. United Kingdom – In November 2016 the UK Parliament passed the infamous Snoopers Charter (Investigatory Powers Act) which forces internet providers and phone companies to bulk-collect customer data. This includes private browsing history, social media posts, phone calls, text messages, and more. This information is stored for 12 months in a giant database that is accessible to 48 different government agencies. The erosion of free speech is also rapidly underway as various laws allow UK authorities to lock up anyone they deem to be “offensive” (1984 is already here).
  5. Australia – In April 2017 the Australian government passed a massive data retention law that forces telecoms to collect and store text messages, phone calls, location information, and internet connection data for a full two years, with the data being accessible to authorities without a warrant.
  6. Canada, Europe, and other parts of the world have similar laws and policies already in place.
  7. What you are witnessing is the rapid expansion of the global surveillance state, whereby corporate and government entities work together to monitor and record everything you do.
  8. What is going on here?
  9. Perhaps you are wondering why all this is happening.   There is a simple answer to that question... 



Just like we have seen throughout history, government surveillance is simply a tool used for control. This could be for maintaining control of power, controlling a population, or controlling the flow of information in a society. You will notice that the violation of your right to privacy will always be justified by various excuses – from “terrorism” to tax evasion – but never forget, it’s really about control.

Along the same lines, corporate surveillance is also about control. Collecting your data helps private entities control your buying decisions, habits, and desires. The tools for doing this are all around you: apps on your devices, social networks, tracking ads, and many free products which simply bulk-collect your data (when something is free, you are the product).

This is why the biggest collectors of private data – Google and Facebook – are also the two businesses that completely dominate the online advertising industry. So to sum this up, advertising today is all about the buying and selling of individuals.

But it Gets Worst...


Now we have the full-scale cooperation between government and corporate entities to monitor your every move. In other words, governments are now enlisting private corporations to carry out bulk data collection on entire populations. Your internet service provider is your adversary working on behalf of the surveillance state.

This basic trend is happening in much of the world, but it has been well documented in the United States with the PRISM Program.

So why Should we Care?


Everything that’s being collected could be used against you today, or at any time in the future, in ways you may not be able to imagine. In many parts of the world, particularly in the UK, thought crime laws are already in place. If you do something that is deemed to be “offensive”, you could end up rotting away in a jail cell for years. Again, we have seen this tactic used throughout history for locking up dissidents – and it is alive and well in the Western world today.

From a commercial standpoint, corporate surveillance is already being used to harvest your data and hit you with targeted ads, thereby monetizing your private life.

Reality Check...

 For decades, politicians from all sides (left and right) have worked hard to advance the surveillance agenda around the world. Therefore the issue of online privacy is not about one politician or a certain political party. Instead, it is about the steady advancement of surveillance and data collection measures, carried out by whoever is in power. 

But Don't Worry...


You can take concrete steps right now to secure your data and restore your privacy using the free information and tools UsingO a privacy-focused browser, ad blockersection at the bottoms, and a good VPN will go a long way to restoring your privacy in just a few minutes.  I hope you like my tips.  I'm still writing, especially in the CONCLUSION section on the bottom. I'm having fun trying out stuff and just exploring in general...

My Conclusion after CONGRESS laws & Internet VULNERABILITY..

FIRST, Let me tell you my latest findings with a few BULLET POINTS...

     ..   The fact that Governments, including USA, approved the sale of our browsing DATA to third parties....  means that PROFIT made from our online personal browsing DATA IS MORE IMPORTANT to the government than OUR PRIVACY.  It's understandable to collect our data, but to sell it?   I think that not having online privacy could be worst than some street crimes because it can really affect individuals lives in such negative irreversible ways  that can ruin U financially, mentally, physically!!!      

     The great thing about thinking minds is that our minds can stretch to infinity.  While analyzing facts we can see both sides of the coin and beyond.   One thought is that by practically having no online privacy it gives USA security/terrorism experts GREEN LIGHT to look at, record and share any DATA within the INTERNET, which can be use to prevent terrorism.  The situation becomes bad for all people in general because  all browsing information including financial, health, personal, etc is BUNCHED UP together with whatever else terrorists' experts are looking for and for that reason OUR INFO can also be looked at by hackers and others with bad intention.  

      OUR BROWSING DATA sold to third parties won't include personal identifiable data,  Our INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS selling our data making millions.   Profit should be pass down to us customers with lower cost/super fast speed.   Well, I READ that because each town only has 1-2 providers there's no much competition and no incentive for them to invest or better our services and things will continue with reg high prices and mediocre services.  Eventually we might see $5 bucks or few mbps improvement from our ISPs as a FAKE GESTURE of kindness to relax critics.   Internet Isn't like a car we want to buy or a bike, which we can shop around.  We are stocked with one cable cable company.  Also, our government classified ISPs as telecommunication providers/utility and the FCC is now in charge of watching ISPs.   

     We  can't panic.  Just be more cautious.  Maybe you are in the 95% who hasn't suffered identity theft/hacking/UNAUTHORIZED purchases.  HEY, LOL, all 3 happened to me!   I fought/survived all 3 without losing a penny.  WOW.  Still 5% who suffer those IS still millions of people.  Many people are ashamed to talk about it and don't report it.   Maybe also too small to report and the news don't report small scale like this.l

     On a larger scale we already see cyber wars… Ransomware attacks, Hackers taking over hospitals, hacking banks and more.  Is said that cyber wars will be more powerful than explosive and firearms because it could disable the whole infrastructure of a city, state, country.  Imagine a simultaneous attack to one country including hospitals’ data, cellphone companies, stock exchange, banks, electric companies, Cable, etc!!!   A country depends on all those things to function and an attack on all those at once could cause panic and paralyze masses who depend on all that..  Also, imagine knocking down or disabling a powerful satellite in  space?  We have many of those that facilitate our daily living,  which we sometimes take for granted.     

     So many stories about men and women getting scammed thousands of dollars with catfish, lottery scams and online RANSOMWARE.   DR Phil has spoken to people often losing from $5000 to over $200000.   For years I've been teaching basic English to Hispanics, basic Internet, basic computers, Spanish classes mostly using computers.   I never said that IT WON'T HAPPEN TO ME.   It just happened. LOL.    Thanks God I lost nothing.   LUCKY ME.  

     Those FREE browsers I mentioned earlier.   Safer than chrome, IE, SAFARY, FIREFOX.   ... WHAT SHOULD U DO???   baby steps.   Maybe U wanna try the browsers, which R better than your regular browser.  Read up and familiarize yourself with this privacy topic.  Tell your friends/family and even strangers U sometimes might casually encounter with SMALL TALK happens, LOL.   

     SUPER IMPORTANT.. Always save your files externally in a HARD DRIVE or FLASHDRIVE, CD/DVD disk. Try doing it often even if you save online.   Your computer is important to SAVE, but important files took you months or  years to accumulate are more important to many people.   I'm still researching, editing website. I welcome suggestions.   The photos all over this serious topic are just a reflection of my personality.  I don't let anything get me down and sense of humor has always been part of my life.   

        VPNs were originally developed by big companies, organizations and corporations who needed a secure and private network to join their offices situated on different physical locations because only a private network with security can hold their secrets and personal information they don’t want to publicize.   NOW, because THIS NEW PRIVACY RULES of NO PRIVACY Is a fact we all need some online Privacy, ...   There are common sense free tools we can all use and I want to use...

* BROWSER that hides your IP Address/Location is a start, free and better than nothing.  But if you decide on a VPN, never use a free VPN because of the CONS outweigh the  PROS bigtime. 

* If you want TOTAL privacy you should use a subscription VPN, but with  very important features...

* VPN with 100% NO LOGS KEPT   andof any type whatsoever)

*VPN with unlimited bandwidth

*VPN with Headquarters outside the 14 EYES!!!


     I tried... NORDVPN FREE for 30 days and is a proven trustworthy VPN.   Their membership is one of the most competitive in price when chosen for 3 years at $99.  100% no logs, headquarters outside the 14 eyes and is also a double VPN/Multi-Hop VPN with unlimited bandwidth            <<< U can CLICK to visit their website AND then  

     I also tried #1 ranked VPN  EXPRESSVPN and notice SPEED  as good as #2 NORDVPN.  Both have excellent  reputation on Privacy,  No logs, unlimited bandwidth, etc. Even that EXpressVP is said to have faster speed, but is 3 times more expensive thann NORDVPN      <<< U can CLICK here to  VIISIT EXPRESSVPN <<<

>>> I wanna try THIS other VPN called SURFSHARK. <<<


----->>>   No mater how many reviews I read from customers and experts IT GOES BACK TO what to look for on a VPN and is--->..... Total PRIVACY, UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH, 100% NO LOGS, speed,PRICE, etc.   BUT I STRONGLY consider price more WHEN I already found SEVERAL VPNs that have those SAME great features mentioned above.  One thing also  super important IS THAT many of people including me use this great free APP CALLED Kody that allows you to watch free movies, channels, shows, live sports.and much more content which some content might be copyrighted or and in reality NOT FREE TO WATCH outside KODI, but because is all mixed in KODI even if we are trying to use KODI in a straight narrow Kodi BECAUSE KODI is an open source APP IS use and hackers might access out computer through KODI.  I'm 100% against illegal use of anything.  So, by using a VPN everytime I use KODY it protects my computer and my computer BECOMES invisible to HACKERS and my Internet provider, which sees and knows everything we do  online.   SO, I'll use The #2 VPN for $99-3 YEARS.I mention above to use KODI and other online uses.  Will also use those FREE browser protections.   A VPN will encrypt your online usage AS IF IT was a bulletproof armor on your whole online activities.  NOW, it's suggested you use one browser for your banking, email, facebook, etc AND another browser FOR GENERAL SEARCHES. .. 

       Here, let me show you what I found online...   DO I NEED A VPN WHEN I USE KODI???   There are just two major issues with Kodi. One, security. Kodi is an open-source platform, and a favorite medium for hackers to get access to users’ private data.    Two, privacy. Those cool Kodi add-ons you’ve been using to watch tons of TV and movies without a subscription? They violate copyright laws — and users could be held liable for doing the same.    Many people don’t even realize the shows and movies they’re watching on Kodi are pirated. But almost all the good stuff is, and could get you into trouble if you’re not careful. Copyright watchdogs, your Internet provider, government agencies, and others routinely track and monitor Kodi users (yes, it sounds shocking, but it’s actually quite common). They may take action you don’t want any part of.    Using a VPN (virtual private network) will keep you 100% secure and anonymous on Kodi, so you can’t get in trouble amid changing laws and controversies. Plus, VPN will even give you access to watch more shows, movies, and channels on Kodi TV.    ...       

     Now, Those VPNs that are also recommended by some that offer PAID and FREE service, which ARE CONSIDERED Mediocre VPNs OFFER EXPENSIVE yearly plan at around $99 a year.   So, in the back of my mind I'M GLAD I RESEARCHING AND RECOGNIZE an overpriced VPN and ask myself, "why would I EVER PAY same or more for a mediocre VPN if THE ranked #2 VPN NORDVPN is $99 for 3 years and has WAY MORE FEATURES than 99% of alll VPNs and almost as many features as THE #1 VPN EXPRESVPN?"   EXACTLY!!!          <<<U can VISIT my #1 VPN PICK NORDVPN   <<< 

   ..Hi Friend.  I hope you liked the information.  I'll continue updating because my purpose is to analyze privacy options and find which ones I'LL continue using and recommend.   IT WOULD BE INTERESTING  TO  KNOW your  general opinion/thoughts .  .  THANKS  

THANKS FOR READING  <<<To go up to the start of this REPORT CLICK<<<. 

Drop me a line at my email...     Hopefully those Congrressme  who voted yes will get a GET THE F..K OUT on election day regardless of party!

    Hopefully those Congrressmen  who voted yes will get a GET THE F..K OUT on election day regardless of party



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Links go 2 MY Mermaids Parade - Halloween & New Years Parties' PHOTOS/Videos & my 360 Beach VIDEO..

Links go 2 MY Mermaids Parade - Halloween & New Years Parties' PHOTOS/Videos & my 360 Beach VIDEO..

Links go 2 MY Mermaids Parade - Halloween & New Years Parties' PHOTOS/Videos & my 360 Beach VIDEO..

Links go 2 MY Mermaids Parade - Halloween & New Years Parties' PHOTOS/Videos & my 360 Beach VIDEO..

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Links go 2 MY Mermaids Parade - Halloween & New Years Parties' PHOTOS/Videos & my 360 Beach VIDEO..

Link 4 Dance Party Music Part 1 and 2 plus 2018 FREE and Paid New York Concerts/Festivals/Events...

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Links>"I WAS HACKED" "EARTHING," What's a VPN?, VPNs 2 Avoid, Why Hide yr IP Address, KODi App...

Link 4 Dance Party Music Part 1 and 2 plus 2018 FREE and Paid New York Concerts/Festivals/Events...

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Links>"I WAS HACKED" "EARTHING," What's a VPN?, VPNs 2 Avoid, Why Hide yr IP Address, KODi App...

Links>"I WAS HACKED" "EARTHING," What's a VPN?, VPNs 2 Avoid, Why Hide yr IP Address, KODi App...

Links>"I WAS HACKED" "EARTHING," What's a VPN?, VPNs 2 Avoid, Why Hide yr IP Address, KODi App...

Links>"I WAS HACKED" "EARTHING," What's a VPN?, VPNs 2 Avoid, Why Hide yr IP Address, KODi App...

Links>"I WAS HACKED" "EARTHING," What's a VPN?, VPNs 2 Avoid, Why Hide yr IP Address, KODi App...


I TRIED NORDVPN. 30 days FREE TRIAL. 100% no logs=very safe and headquarters in Panama

Don't pick any VPN Company residing in one of the 14 eyes' countries UNLESS THEY HAVE 100% NO LOGS

Important that the VPN doesn't keep any logs at all. Meaning that they never save your DATA


Important that the VPN doesn't keep any logs at all. Meaning that they never save your DATA

Don't pick any VPN Company residing in one of the 14 eyes' countries UNLESS THEY HAVE 100% NO LOGS

Important that the VPN doesn't keep any logs at all. Meaning that they never save your DATA


PCMAG has a great example of a VPN...   Think about it this way: If your car pulls out of your driveway, someone can follow you and see where you are going, how long you are at your destination, and when you are coming back. They might even be able to peek inside your car and learn more about you. With a VPN service, you are essentially driving into a closed parking garage, switching to a different car, and driving out, so that no one who was originally following you knows where you went. 

Don't pick any VPN Company residing in one of the 14 eyes' countries UNLESS THEY HAVE 100% NO LOGS

Don't pick any VPN Company residing in one of the 14 eyes' countries UNLESS THEY HAVE 100% NO LOGS

Don't pick any VPN Company residing in one of the 14 eyes' countries UNLESS THEY HAVE 100% NO LOGS


I Read MANY online VPNs' reviews from dif sources including written reviews and youtube videos.

I Read MANY online VPNs' reviews from dif sources including written reviews and youtube videos.

Don't pick any VPN Company residing in one of the 14 eyes' countries UNLESS THEY HAVE 100% NO LOGS


LOL.  Yes, that's me with a FULL head to toe BATMAN OUTFIT on a HALLOWEEN NIGHT in my room.   My then girl took the photo B4 our Halloween Night.  LONG, LONG STORY.. LOL

I Also read Court cases about the VPNs in question. I USE the VPNs' free trial & money back

I Read MANY online VPNs' reviews from dif sources including written reviews and youtube videos.

I Also read Court cases about the VPNs in question. I USE the VPNs' free trial & money back


Me on another Halloween.  I went to work like that. LOL.  Without the sword.

I'm still adding CONTENT. Any suggestions/comments welcome. THANKS

I Read MANY online VPNs' reviews from dif sources including written reviews and youtube videos.

I Also read Court cases about the VPNs in question. I USE the VPNs' free trial & money back


Just a PHOTO of me.