Howard Stern knows me as HAM HANDS BILL. Listen to Howard talk about me and much more

I'M a fan/sometimes called Wackpack of The Howard Stern Show


I Explain How Howard Stern Knows me...

      Everything started when I entered and won a Jetski on a SONG PARODY CONTEST on The Howard Stern Show.  It was a NO HOLDS BAR/Anything goes contest singing about Robin Quivers.  She's side by side Howard's co-host.  Keep in mind that the contest took place BEFORE 2005 when the show was on FM 92.3 K-ROCK regular Terrestial Radio.   

     Since 2006 The Howard Stern Show HAS BEEN Uncensored and moved to SIRIUS-XM Satellite Radio to channels 100/101 where he has full freedom of speech without worrying about not saying THE so called 7 dirty words.  Howard Stern, staff and Guests freely use the language they want to use and is because Satellite Radio is a service which people pay a subscription fee to listen, it can't be censored just like when you buy a BOOK, magazine, go see a movie or go into a play or comedy club.   

     THIS STARS and many  more have been on Howard Stern Show.   It's comforting to hear Jim Carry, George Clooney, Miley Cirus, Arnold Shwazzenegger,  Lady Gaga Donald Trump and your favorites freely talk, clean or dirty, but without getting interrupted because of censorship.  The thoughts flow naturally when you don't have to censor yourself to talk on a microphone thinking about not saying THE 7 DIRTY WORDS 

      The 7 dirty words were then and still are a NO-NO on AM/FM RADIO just like also a NO-NO on regular TV.  So, it's a known rule to those working or going as guests to radio/TV shows then and now... NOT ALLOWED TO CURSE, but if you do, it would be bleeped.   Shows on AM/FM radio/TV have a "7 seconds delay DUMP BUTTON managed by the host and also management backstage in case a BAD word slips.   Sometimes even explanations of explicit sexual acts had to be asked to be explained in a way so it didn't sound too explicit.   Sometimes so silly. Like ASS could be said, but not if said explaining a sexual act.   

      Sometimes a whole phrase or half a sentence would be lost when the dump button was used and the host sometimes is on the position to tell the guest WAIT, LET ME EXPLAIN what you are trying to say.   There's still not a concrete definition of what's indecent and a person in a back room is listening while his finger is on the button.  Howard's radio station 92.3 K-Rock was fined millions of dollars for nonsense.  Anybody would send a complaint to THE FCC, including religious groups who hated THE HOWARD STERN SHOW and also knew was an easy way to ask the public for donations by making HOWARD STERN as the devil.   <<<>>> CLICK to read the WIKIPEDIA explanation of THE 7 DIRTY WORDS<<<

      Thousands of contestants entered with green light to do a parody song ABOUT ROBIN, which the winner's song would become the official theme song to be played on the show during ROBIN's NEWS.  If you know the history of The Howard Stern Show it includes celebrities' interviews, current events/news, comedy and sometimes CRAZY STUNTS/Contest, etc.   So, it's a well rounded show with serious topics as well as occasional  adult content.  Years ago when Howard Stern was CRAZIER than now WOMEN used to go there to model bikinis, to get nude, to be spanked, tickled, to compete on different crazy things to promote themselves or a product/company.  I can't just explain all the crazy stuff now because it might be to explicit to say and back then his show also aired on cable channel E!   If nude women were on, a black bar would block their private parts.  

     5 Finalists were chosen LIVE on AIR and 4 JUDGES including Howard Stern,  his co-host Robin Quivers, in studio sound engineer Fred Norris and in studio comedian Jackie Martling VOTED on a scale of 1 to 10.   I RECEIVED 37 OUT OF 40 POINTS and Howard called me LIVE to tell me I WON.  Howard Stern invited me to the show as the contest winner to receive the JETSKI and hang out in the studio.  At a later date Howard Stern invited me back and I did an explicit version of the song on his uncensored Satellite Radio Show... 


    I'M NOT A SINGER/COMEDIAN, But When you contemplate entering a contest which will be heard and judge by a super star like Howard Stern, his crew and 30+ million subscribers you better be unique, wild and creative. Keep in mind that every contestant was given the green light to use anything they wanted to create a song about Howard's co-host ROBIN QUIVERS' personal life which would become the daily theme song during her News.  Robin has always been a good sport.    

    Howard and his crew later chose me and invited me again twice as a finalist on 2 other contests. Then, Howard invited me to judge Playboy Models (PHOTOS BELOW).  Howard Stern also invited me as a VIP guests at his Birthday Bash at the Hammerstein Ballroom on 34th Street in Manhattan, New York.   MY PHOTOS of this VIP Celebrity Party are here in an ALBUM.


     I've become a contributor of The Howard Stern Show.  I create material/content for The Howard Stern RADIO/TV Show requested by Howard Stern/Staff or by my own Creation:  I've recently done LIVE RADIO announcement of famous actress like JENNIFER LAWRENCE (which you can listen to it below).  I've done voice recordings as Pope Francis, Juan Pablo(from The Bachelor-Reality TV Show), Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz & his father Rafael Cruz, EL CHAPO, etc. I created other song parodies.   

     I'm also a regular caller on the show.  WHY MY NICKNAME on the show is HAM HANDS BILL?  Long story!!!  LOL!   I'll explain later.  REMIND ME.  

     Throughout the years there have been many people called WACKPACKS of the HOWARD STERN SHOW and until not long ago I was considered a WackPack. LOL.  It's a badge of  honor to be called a WACKPACK even that some of the main WACKACKS have mental retardation and other conditions.  So, on and off I've been called a WACKPACK.  Even Jimmy Kimmel said on HowaIrd Stern Show that 'm a WACKPACK a few years ago and JIMMY even mentioned me as a WACKPACK during Howard Stern's LIVE Birthday Party in front of 1000 celebrities and heard by over 20 million listeners on SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO on that day.  NOW over 33 million paid subscribers!!!   

      <Also, is interesting how some people sometimes judge someone from what they hear or bits and pieces of what they see.  I CAN SAY I JUDGE Howard Stern by how he treated others and me with what I see, SENSE AND FEEL  Howard with talk to someone who just walked up from the street with the same respect and interest he talks to a celebrity he knows nothing about.  He wants to know about you in general and enquiries as much and possible finding the most interesting and provocative about you whether you Won a GRAMMY or GOT SHOT for X or Y.  Of course he sometimes will be sarcastic, humorous, etc, but all with genuine quest to have a great talk/interview.  Howard is a family man with 3 grown great girls, married twice for over 40 years altogether and has never committed a crime in his life.  <<<CIICK to visit HOWARDSTERN.COM <<<

     >>>FROM Wikipedia...READ...Whats a WACKPACK? <<< CLICK <<<  

      I'LL WRITE more about it tomorrow.

    Also look at my NEW YEARS PARTIES in Atlantic City, PARTY SONGS'  videos, Mermaids' Parade's photos, Halloween party, my photos, etc.  I'll keep adding things and changing the website.  

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