Fans of THE HOWARD STERN SHOW understand THE DYNAMIC of the show and my role on it!!!

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Check out my photos at The Mermaids' PARADE, at The Halloween Party, My 4th of JULY Photos, ETC.

Me, announcing Actress Jennifer Lawrence on Howard Stern...

<<<Click photo or click HERE TO LISTEN TO IT ON MY YOUTUBE.  LISTEN TO Howard say "WOW" when I start talking, "This is Ham Hands Bill..." Anyway, On February 28, 2018 Jennifer Lawrence was intwas interviewed on The Howard Stern Show. It was great!   Interview not online y readet, but you can read about it here>>>ON   

Ciick photo to Listen to Howard Stern talk about my MOVIE...

<<<CLICK photo or click here to listen to Howard Stern TALK ABOUT ME on my YOUTUBE.   Very true!   Reporter Jon Lieberman breaks the news to Howard Stern LIVE on his show about Hollywood producer Mark Hoadley  GIving me a movie role as "LOCO" in an action film called "MARK OF THE COBRA."  LOL, the comment about the strippers isn't 100% true.   CLICK photo to listen!

ABOUT ME/MY WEBSITE: How I'm known on The Howard Stern Show?

   Everything started when I entered and won a Jetski on a SONG PARADY CONTEST.  After that I went again twice as a finalist on other contests. Then, Howard invited me to judge Playboy Models.  Howard Stern also invited me as a VIP guests at his  Birthday Bash at the Hammerstein Ballroom on 34th Street in Manhattan, New York.   MY PHOTOS of this VIP Celebrity Party are further down here in an ALBUM.

     I've become a contributor of The Howard Stern Show.  I create material/content for The Howard Stern RADIO/TV Show requested by Howard Stern/Staff or by my own Creation:  I've recently done LIVE RADIO announcement of famous actress like JENNIFER LAWRENCE (which you can listen to it below).  I've done voice recordings as Pope Francis, Juan Pablo(from The Bachellor-Reality TV Show), Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz & his father Rafael Cruz, EL CHAPO, etc. I created other song parodies.   I'm also a regular caller on the show.    Photos below.       WHY MY NICKNAME on the show is HAM HANDS BILL?  Long story!!!  Ask me, LOL!   This 1st page is all about me on Howard Stern.   

     Also look at my NEW YEARS PARTIES in Atlantic City, PARTY SONGS'  videos, Mermaids' Parade's photos, Halloween party, my photos, etc.  I'll keep adding things and changing the website.   

Howard Stern on the right in white. 2nd of 3 contest I was a finalist>>>


Here again I'm a finalist on another Song Parody contest. Keep in mind that since 2006 The Howard Stern Show started to broadcast on satellite radio UNCENSORED with EXPLICIT language freedom you only get on other paid services like: Movies, books, comedy shows, etc. SO, when thousands enter these contests WE are given GREEN LIGHT to do whatever and we often use explicit sexual content to get a reaction, laughs and trying to win. Not everybody likes or understand this time of humor. What I do for the show doesn't represent my personal life. Not everything on the show is crazy dirty humor. Howard Stern interviews many stars, does news, games, etc. 

<<<That's the Judge of America's Got Talent <<<HEIDI KLUM at Howard Stern's VIP Celebrity Birthday PartyI I've been invited 7 times to The Howard Stern Show plus multiple times to his other channel, "HOWARD 101" Look at the photo albums BELOW and NEW YEARS/Halloween page>>>

Interviewed by reporter after saw premiere of "The Chemist"

<<<Click PLAY to see my interview!!! .  Great action film directed by Art Camacho and produced by Tom Renner.   Click this link to Watch another interview about "The Chemist" with PRODUCER Tom Renner ...


He's also a Kung-Fu Master/Actor/Stung Man

To visit Director/Actor/Kung-Fu Master Art Camacho's Facebook click here...

To visit Producer/Actor/Martial Artist Tom Renner's Fcebook click here...

This Section is about the Film I was hired to be in...

<<<POSTER OF "Mark of The Cobra"

<<<Action Martial Arts Film about a Drug Cartel against a Kung-Fu Master. Actor and real life KUNG-FU MSTER Mark Hoadley is the Star of the Film. I would be on the side of the BAD GUYS!!!

Hollywood Director Art Camacho>>>

Here is Director Art Camacho, Sam Director who directed THE CHEMIST.  Camacho is also a real KUNG-FU MASTER >>>

Hollywood Producer Mark Hoadley

He is also the Star of Mark of The Cobra and true Master of KUNG-FU...  Below are 2 main actresses of the film...